Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GeoHonduras '10 - The Jurassic Rift

Welcome and join us as we visit Honduras searching for the evidence that the break-up of the Pangaean supercontent in the Jurassic Period occured in this area. We will visit Danli, in SW Honduras where a nearly 1000 meter thick sequence of conglomerate and sandstone strata is the target of our trip. This mass of rock is the correct age and has the correct characteristics to have resulted from deposition of a large river flowing along the axis of a Jurassic-age valley between fault bounded mountains.
We are Dr. Rob Rogers, CSU Stanislaus geologist along with students Kait Barber and Chris Hammond. The flight leaves Wednesday night (Jan. 13th) and we will be posting updates along the way on our 2.5 week long trip.

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  1. Hi Dr. Rogers, I´m a honduran biologist interested in to know more about the Honduras fossils record. I know that we have evidence of marine and terrestrial fauna, mainly "conchas", fishes or mammals, but there were dinosaurs? Once I read a book of Dr. Wallace who says that Honduras is the only C.A. country in whish we can find dinosaur fossil´s; is that correct?. Now we re at march 13th, a month after your depparture to have the 2.5 trip in january, and I´m eager to know about the findings.